André Lalonde Marine in partnership with Crestliner is always looking for new individuals to join the Elite Crestliner Pro-Staff family.

We are always looking for new individuals who are passionate about sport fishing to join the elite club that is the Crestliner Pro-Staff family.



Below is a list of individuals who have already qualified and joined the Crestliner Pro-Staff program. Thank you for supporting them, these guys do a very good job of promoting our sport.

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Ottawa River Trophy Muskie Charters

Richard Collin, owner of Ottawa River Trophy Muskie Charters knows muskie fishing on the Ottawa River like nobody else does. Richard is a long-time customer for us and also actively promotes Crestliner boats wherever he can, not because he has to, but because he just loves his boat, pure and simple.

Give Richard a call at 613-290-6683

Cottage Fishing Adventures

Sebastian Kowalczuk, owner of Cottage Fishing Adventures is passionate about fishing and cumulates a vast fishing experience on the Ottawa River and many other bodies of water in Eastern Ontario. Sebastian is an active promoter of our shop and our Crestliner boats, and we strongly encourage you to contact him, you will have a blast.

Give Sebastian a call at 613-419-1031

Visit his website at

Sly’s Fishing

Sylvain Danis, owner of Sly’s Fishing has been around for a very long time and is a pro about fishing. He maintains a very nicely done website with discussion forums, weekly tips and also features many Youtube videos. Have a look at all the great content he has and get in touch with him for any guided fishing needs you might have. Sylvain also uses a Crestliner boat for his fishing excusions and is always happy to tell everyone how much he loves his boat.

Visit our Facebook page: Slys Fishing

Ottawa River Musky Factory

John Anderson, owner of Ottawa River Musky Factory is VERY serious about musky and cumulates a huge musky fishing experience. John also does public speaking, videos and magazine articles about musky fishing. He is also very active online, check-out his website and his Facebook page. John proudly owns a Crestliner boat and is a long time supporter of our shop. Give John a call and book a musky trip with him, you won’t regret it.

Visit his website at

Conditions and obligations to qualify into Crestliner's Pro-Staff program

André Lalonde Marine in partnership with Crestliner is always looking for new individuals to join the Elite Crestliner Pro-Staff family.

The Crestliner Pro-Staff program that you can access through our dealership is aimed at providing fishing enthusiasts and experienced anglers of the greater Ottawa/Gatineau area the opportunity to order their custom built Crestliner boat at Pro-Staff pricing.
Conditions to qualify:

  • Must reside in the following areas: City of Ottawa, Prescott-Russell United Counties (Hawkesbury to Rockland to Russell and anywhere within this perimeter), Ville de Gatineau, La Petite Nation, Qc.
  • Must custom order a brand new Crestliner boat along with a packaged Mercury motor and trailer.  Any model of Crestliner boat qualifies for the Pro-Staff program.
  • Must have valid credit or financial capacities to buy such boat package.
  • Pro-Staff program discounts do not apply to freight, pdi, finance charges (if applicable) and retail sales taxes. (Pro-Staff program price discounts cannot be combined with any other promotions)
  • Must be an experienced angler with an excellent on and off water reputation and a reasonable level of notoriety on the local/regional fishing scene based upon a solid and verifiable track record.

Pro-Staff member responsibilities:

  • Build and maintain a relationship with the Crestliner dealer.
  • Assist in boat shows, open houses, sales event, etc. by providing a limited number of hours (approx. 15 hours per year, not paid) with emphasis on promoting the Crestliner dealer and the Crestliner product.
  • Be visible on and off the water with your Crestliner boat within the territory of our dealership.
  • Become knowledgeable about the entire Crestliner product offering
  • Become knowledgeable about our dealership product and services offering.
  • Bi-annual submissions to Crestliner.
  • Provide product feedback to Crestliner as requested
  • Additional requirements as listed on the Pro-Staff Application.

Available spaces in the Pro-Staff program are limited and subject to approval by our dealer and Crestliner’s National Pro-Team who review each applications for final acceptance.
Please contact-us for more information.
613-673-1668 /

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