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Protect Your Investment With André Lalonde Marine Boat Storage and Winterization Services

Your boat is a valuable investment that requires expert care to protect it from potential damage when it’s not in use.

André Lalonde Marine offers boat winterizing, indoor and outdoor storage services in Ontario. With our certified technicians at the helm, you can safely winterize and store your boat and make sure it’s ready for the new boating season!

What Do We Offer?

At André Lalonde Marine, we go above and beyond to meet all your repair and maintenance needs. Our master technicians can help you the winterization, shrink wrapping and storage of your boat.

André Lalonde Marine -  Eastern Ontario

Boat Winterizing

Boat winterizing involves prepping your boat before winter and ensuring all water is drained properly. André Lalonde Marine offers winterizing services for all types of engines at a competitive price. 

This includes:

Protecting your engine from corrosion

Adding fuel-stabilizing additives to the fuel system

Changing the fuel filters and fuel/water separators


Draining the plumbing system of your boat

Adding anti-freeze to the plumbing system

Outdoor Storage

Our outdoor storage services are ideal for pontoons and bigger boats that cannot be stored inside. We allocate storage space within a privately-owned property. You can store boats up to 45 feet in length at this location. Unlike other outdoor storage sites that have dirt surfaces, André Lalonde Marine also lets you keep your boat on a solid gravel surface. 

Our outdoor storage property:

Has 300 storage spaces for boats of all sizes

Is properly fenced and secured

Has 24-hour CCTV surveillance

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping is a must if you are opting for outdoor boat storage. It helps you create a waterproof barrier that protects your boat from damage amid freezing temperatures. 

Shrink wrapping your boat can:

Keep out rodents

Protect surfaces from dust, debris, and bird droppings

Prevent damage from wind and snow

Our shrink wraps are available for all boat sizes and will not chafe the paint on your boat. They can help you safely store your boat outdoors. We strongly recommend using shrink wraps if are storing your boat on a trailer outside your property too.

Choose André Lalonde Marine as Your Maintenance and Repair Partner

Properly winterizing and storing your boat during the cold months can help you avoid rust, corrosion, blockages, and damage to the fuel system.
André Lalonde Marine - Eastern Ontario

With your valued investment under our care, you can rest easy knowing your boat is in good hands

Schedule your boat winterization and storage today!